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Why the iframe is evil!

The iFrame Is Evil!

So it seems that every job I work on, the same topic comes up. Someone, at some point will say, “just use an iFrame for that”. Then I need to go down the old tired […]

Flutter Animations: Part 3 Transitions

In this post, we’ll want to cover transitions. Moving from explicit animations to transitions animations, the complexity increases. We’ll need a few more items from the Flutter framework.

Flutter Animations: Part 2

In a prior article, we started talking about Flutter Implicit animations. In this post, we’ll continue that subject and talk about AnimatedDefaultTextStyle and AnimatedOpacity widgets before moving on to transition animation widgets.

Flutter Animations: Part 1

In a prior post, we talked about the new cross-platform mobile development framework from Google called Flutter. It reviews how Flutter took a different approach from React Native and NativeScript in creating a mobile application. […]

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