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Real Estate

The real estate market is under extreme pressure to adjust to this new era of technology and social collaboration. We understand the challenges and difficulties of the real estate industry and the pressure agents face today to compete. We have licensed realtors and brokers within our organization, including our lead data scientist who is a second-generation broker and a nationally recognized expert in lead generation and real estate analytics. We can bring industry knowledge, coding, and process expertise to your project.   

Though I served as the Marketing Director for several branches of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., my specialty definitely was not in website development. Our site was outdated, the back end was clunky and it was certainly not mobile friendly. After asking around, I received Rob’s information and reached out to have him work with us to develop a new, cleaner and more user friendly site (both on the back end to make our own updates and changes, as well as for our clients).
Rob worked diligently to meet all of our criteria, providing insight and suggestions, and making changes when we wanted to “guess and test” our theories on how we wanted it to look and work. Rob got the job done quickly and efficiently, and was always available when we had questions or needed something.
Rob knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with. I have passed his information on to anyone who has come to me looking for assistance with websites, landing pages, etc. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who needs help in this area, whether you know nothing and need someone to take charge and build something great, or if you know the basics but seek someone who can add that professional touch to what you’re trying to accomplish.
Sara Bagwell

Marketing Director, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Featured Project

Home Value App

ClientRE/MAX Flagship
Project TypeCustom Web App
Tools/Frameworks Springboot, Hibernate, Docker, MVN, Tomcat, REST API, Jasmine, Git
Primary TechnologiesjQuery/HTML5, Java, MySQL
RE/MAX Flagship
Project Type
Custom Web App
Springboot, Hibernate, Docker, MVN, Tomcat, REST API, Jasmine, Git
Primary Technologies
jQuery/HTML5, Java, MySQL


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Web Engineering Excellence Manager, Schneider Electric

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Senior Software Engineer, EMC²

 I have never had an experience as good as that one, with any development team … His team was phenomenal and very loyal to both he and the cause. [read more]

Tom Insprucker

Global VP Marketing, Schneider Electric