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Featued Thumbtack Review:

I have found that there is still excellence in the world of business. When I inquired about expanding my products to social media and product development, I was astonished to know that there was a group of experts at Blackburn Labs that would lead me step by step through the process of launching my product to the world

Dr. Wayne H.

Our Reviews

Our Reviews

Recognition on Clutch as a Leading Software Developer

Blackburn Labs earned recognition on Clutch as a Leading Software Developer for the year, as well as being featured as a top AI company this year.


Robert is extremely talented and passionate about his work, and also very helpful, informative, and patient with instruction. He is also fun to work with, and taught me a lot while we worked together. I wish I could have worked with him longer to have learned more.
Kartiké Bhagat

Senior Software Engineer , EMC²

I’ve worked with Rob as a Developer on a number of projects. His deliveries are always on time and top quality. Additionally, he is a gifted problem solver. He is able to digest and conquer even the most complicated technical challenges. For one project, he was able to write optimized SQL queries that processed vast amounts of complicated data to generate useful reports. It was a task that would have overpowered most developers. I will continue to reach out to Rob to help with my projects in the future.
Brian Grossman

Technical Director, FableVision

Though I served as the Marketing Director for several branches of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., my specialty definitely was not in website development. Our site was outdated, the back end was clunky and it was certainly not mobile friendly. After asking around, I received Rob’s information and reached out to have him work with us to develop a new, cleaner and more user friendly site (both on the back end to make our own updates and changes, as well as for our clients).
Rob worked diligently to meet all of our criteria, providing insight and suggestions, and making changes when we wanted to “guess and test” our theories on how we wanted it to look and work. Rob got the job done quickly and efficiently, and was always available when we had questions or needed something.
Rob knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with. I have passed his information on to anyone who has come to me looking for assistance with websites, landing pages, etc. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who needs help in this area, whether you know nothing and need someone to take charge and build something great, or if you know the basics but seek someone who can add that professional touch to what you’re trying to accomplish.
Sara Bagwell

Marketing Director, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

I worked with Rob as a marketing exec specifying a very difficult web service. I have never had an experience as good as that one, with any development team. His coaching showed that he was fully aware of the commercial side of the business. His team was phenomenal and very loyal to both he and the cause. I wish I was still working with him, as I would have held him forever in my reach. Any company would be joyous to have him.
Tom Insprucker

Global VP Marketing, Schneider Electric

Robert is very insightful and highly knowledgeable in a lot of useful areas. He’s helped me on a few projects to date and has become an invaluable resource to me. His professionalism and work ethic is unmatched in my experience. With a wide ranged skill set accompanied by extreme diligence ensures that I will call on him for any project now or in the future.
Anthony Clark

CEO/Founder, Skwads

I worked with Rob for many years initially as colleague then he was my manager (as a Director of the Wed Development Team), he is very smart individual and well organized, with a broad range of skills that allowed him to manager and direct the web development department (world wide group spread across the globe), and establish a robust processes and procedures.

As a Software engineer and architect, Rob has build and contributed to many of the company core web systems, and as manger He was very easy to deal with and learn from, he helped me getting started as new team leader (as well as the rest of my peers) and coached me through the transition period from technical role into the management one. Rob’s leadership over the years helped me and the whole department to grow and perform, he left strong legacy on the department and well defined processes.

I highly recommend Rob, he is a successful leader with strong technical and problem solving skills, and a trust worthy adviser.

Mounir Chedli

Web Engineering Excellence Manager, Schneider Electric

I was Robert’s direct supervisor for over ten years. Robert is passionate about writing code and solving clients’ problems through the development of creative and innovative software. He is one of those rare individuals that possess both the technical knowledge and operational understanding to create software that truly meets business needs. At American Power Conversion Rob helped to globalized and digitized the company’s business processes ten years before these terms became buzzwords.

During our time together I also witnessed Rob’s leadership skills on many occasions. As a manager, he is self-confident, innovative and creative. He is a visionary, yet highly approachable. He has a competitive nature and determination that cannot be beat, and earns the respect of everyone he works with.

David Young

Senior Vice President Web Strategy, Schneider Electric

I had the pleasure of working with Rob while employed at APC/Schneider Electric. Rob is a highly dedicated I.T. professional with a passion for delivering quality software solutions that deliver real value to the line of business. He possesses a rare combination of technical acumen and leadership. I look forward to working with Rob again at some point in the future and absolutely recommend his work.
Kelly Doyle

Web Application Development Team Leader, APC