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Unparalleled Dashboard Expertise

Dive deep into your data with Blackburn Labs. Leveraging industry-leading tools like Google Looker Studio, Amazon QuickSight, Power BI, and Tableau, we craft dashboards that not only visualize data but also drive decision-making. Let us turn your data into a strategic asset.

Dashboard Expertise

Data Integration Excellence

At Blackburn Labs, we understand the intricacies of data integration. From assisting with data warehouse setups to crafting efficient ETL processes and custom APIs, we ensure your data flows smoothly and cohesively. With expertise in connectors like Supermetrics to bring data into visualization tools like PowerBI and Looker Studio, we bridge the gap between disparate data sources, ensuring you have a unified view of your information landscape.

Navigating the Data Journey

With Blackburn Labs' Data Discovery Sessions, you're not just exploring data; you're charting a course for actionable insights. Our seasoned experts guide you through the vast expanse of your data, pinpointing areas of opportunity and laying the groundwork for informed decision-making.

Stewards of Data Integrity

We don't just handle data; we safeguard it. Our coaching on Data Compliance, encompassing HIPAA and GDPR regulations, ensures that your data practices are not only compliant but exemplary. With expertise in Homomorphic Encrypted Data, we protect patient and consumer information with unwavering dedication. Trust us to be the vigilant guardians of your data integrity.

HIPAA - GDPR Compliant
AI-Enhanced Data Narratives

Crafting AI-Enhanced Data Narratives

Beyond mere numbers, Blackburn Labs crafts data stories powered by AI and ML. Fluent in R and Python, and with a deep understanding of TensorFlow and neural networks, we transform raw data into insights engines that not only inform but also predict. Join us in redefining the boundaries of data science.

Dashboard & Reporting Examples


App Development

“[Blackburn Labs] really helped guide us through our organization's expansion and mentored our staff. Money has never been the focus of our partnership; Blackburn Labs is interested in executing our project for its merit. Their team focuses on delivering solutions, not ensuring clients fit into their work framework.”

Joseph Dziobek
Executive Director, PRCRI

“Julie helped us create meaningful and clinically useful patient reports for our remote patient monitoring healthcare services. She also helped us develop operations reporting that provided key support in continuous improvement of our patient care team and our proprietary software (developed and maintained by Blackburn Labs). The reports she designed powerfully demonstrated Dedica Health’s value to our clients and prospects.”

Mark Anthony
COO Dedica Health

“Julie is an inquisitive thinker, problem solver, and truly seeks to understand the operational goal that can be solved through IT processes and data. Together, we were able to build controls and operational systems that both informed compliance decision making and ensured that day to day operations were completed within regulatory expectations.”

Jose Zuinga II
Senior Compliance Program Manager ENTRE Institute

Julie Blackburn, Chief Data Science Officer at Blackburn Labs

Julie Blackburn

Chief Data Science Officer

Julie is an industry-leading data scientist who loves to generate solutions to puzzles and develop new strategies to get the data to tell its story. She is a strong leader who often does speaking engagements known for tenacity, professionalism, and a proactive attitude. She is fully fluent in technologies and tools relevant to Data Science, including but not limited to R, Python, SQL, Azure ML, Hadoop, Apache Spark, and many others. Julie has a talent for explaining complex statistical theory and hypothesis testing to a broad audience – as well as being skilled in team building, project planning and design, and data analysis from munging to interpretation.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

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