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Blackburn Labs partners with Simply September

Blackburn Labs is always looking for ways to help our community as well as encourage entrepreneurship. That is why we are so excited to announce that we are partnering with crafting and lifestyle influencer Simply September to create a business calculator for crafting entrepreneurs!

Simply September, everyday creativity and motherhood.

The social ecommerce business is booming. In 2018 Etsy sold $3.9 billion in goods (a 20% YoY growth) from almost 39.5 million buyers (a 18% YoY growth). In fact, since 2012 the number of buyers on Esty has quadrupled. Etsy is not alone, Shopify sold over $100 billion in goods in the last year. So yes, social ecommerce is alive and well, and a rapidly growing industry. In fact, there are 2 million active sellers on Etsy and 800k stores in Shopify. That’s nearly 3 million sellers who could use help and insights from someone like Lindsay as Simply September.

The app launches soon, though no official release date has been set yet. We are leveraging our new partnership with Back4App to speed up the delivery process. Rest assured, both teams are hard at work on this project, so stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

With a customized and specialized business calculator, available for free by Simply September and Blackburn Lab's, all these sellers will have an great tool at their disposal to make their businesses more efficient. Pairing Lindsay’s crafting knowledge and community support with Blackburn Labs’ ability to make easy-to-use apps, we look forward to delivering a tool that will make the lives of millions of entrepreneurs more profitable.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in gaining creative inspiration and crafting insights to follow Simply September on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.

If you’d like to know how Blackburn Labs can make your app a reality, schedule time with us.

Lindsay Bartelt, Owner & Writer of Simply September

Becoming an entrepreneur has always been a passion of mine. After being blessed with children, my dream grew into that of becoming a “mompreneur”. In other words, I desired to be a female business owner with the active goal of balancing the titles of both mom and entrepreneur. Implementing my dream of crafting with that of my connection with fellow moms, I was able to launch Simply September brand and it’s affiliated clothing line “Simply September Shop” via Etsy. As a business owner, I am constantly being asked “Where do I start?”.

The truth is, you need to know first and foremost whether your passion will or will not be profitable. Without the ability to turn a profit, your beloved hobby will remain a hobby and fail to grow into a business. What you need is a quick and easy way to assess your likelihood of becoming profitable. Enter, Blackburn Labs. Thanks to their unbeatable and award-winning knowledge in software engineering, they are able to create an incredibly effective, yet user-friendly tool to not only assess your likelihood for business success, but to also start your craft business off on the right path from day one.

It is my incredible honor to announce partnership with such an experienced brand as Blackburn Labs. Together, I am confident we will be able to bring you a tool that will effectively allow your crafting entrepreneurial dreams to become a reality.

Lindsay Bartelt
Owner & Writer Simply September