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Category: Crafting Profit Calculator

Learn How To Dynamically Fit A Site Or App On iPhone, iPad, Or Any Small Device

From iPhones to huge monitors, regardless of portrait or landscape orientations, the Craft Profit Calculator HTML5 app now accommodates all screen sizes and shapes. Today I will share with you, my small group and quasi-loyal readers, exactly how I did it. It is actually very easy, trust me.

Calculator App With Waterfall Chart

Anyone who knows me knows that I Iove a good chart. So it was a natural, and fun, next addition to my Crafting Profit Calculator. Adding these charts packs in a ton of information into this small and very simple tool – and it was a great excuse to play with Google’s Visualization API.

Some of you may recall the Craft Profit Calculator I created for my wife last year. It’s very simple web app I use occasionally to try out new ideas; initially created to play with HTML5. I released a new version today. It has a few new features, but the one I want to call out initially is the waterfall charts

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