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Winner at the Hasboro-Hackathon.


I had the pleasure of being in a team with Doug Hopkins (@combatadvantage) and Steve Weed (@sweed84) at this weekend’s 2014 Hasbro Hackathon. Our small team won in our category! I’m very proud of what […]

Adaptive website made easy for a great user experience.

Adaptive Website Made Easy

A few years ago a colleague of mine and fellow developer, Craig Verrastro, invited his daughter’s music teacher to come present to my department. Why? Because he was seeing impaired, and we wanted the team […]

Why the iframe is evil!

The iFrame Is Evil!

So it seems that every job I work on, the same topic comes up. Someone, at some point will say, “just use an iFrame for that”. Then I need to go down the old tired […]

Flutter Animations: Part 3 Transitions

In this post, we’ll want to cover transitions. Moving from explicit animations to transitions animations, the complexity increases. We’ll need a few more items from the Flutter framework.

Flutter Animations: Part 2

In a prior article, we started talking about Flutter Implicit animations. In this post, we’ll continue that subject and talk about AnimatedDefaultTextStyle and AnimatedOpacity widgets before moving on to transition animation widgets.

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