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Blackburn Labs Becomes a Sponsor of The Manifest

Data consultancy firms are in high demand as the need for Machine Learning, AI, and Data Visualization grows for every business in every industry. This will only increase as business are forced to be more virtual and flexible. Chief Data Scientist Julie Blackburn at Blackburn Labs knows, “Data is the new crude oil. In today’s economy you cannot succeed in business without having a data driven culture.” Knowing that building intellectual property is a valuable resource, Julie plans for the complexity of App Development to improve the efficiency of programs capable of artificial intelligence. The Manifest recently sponsored Blackburn Labs in recognition of our success in the app field.

Get, explore, and model data. Visualize, simulate, leverage results then deliver.
Julie Blackburn, Chief Data Science Officer at Blackburn Labs
Data is the new crude oil. In today’s economy you cannot succeed in business without having a data driven culture.

Julie Blackburn
Chief Data Science Officer, Blackburn Labs

The Manifest

Machine Learning proves useless if it fails to provide solutions. That is why Blackburn Labs leads in the field of designing apps capable of Machine Learning and applying those skills to help companies solve real-life problems. Data Science requires companies to take notice of and anticipate trends as a means for understanding and troubleshooting learning protocols accurately. Once an app fulfills a required task, our team can employ the new program to do an assortment of management tasks such as organize large batch files of Healthcare records, designate billing documents, categorize housing profiles for a real estate company, etc. We take care of the hard parts of compiling programs and algorithms capable of top stability, scalability, security, and flexibility.

App development should work in any environment, and for any company. Many companies rely on self-service apps to transfer and receive necessary data at-will. Blackburn Labs is pleased to gain The Manifest’s support and sponsorship. Check out the sponsorship and the effect Blackburn Labs has on client apps and data literacy.

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