Tech Swamp Interviews Blackburn Labs

Sep 26, 2019 | Business, Partnerships, Rhode Island

Last week, Blackburn Labs was honored to have its CEO, Robert Blackburn, join the Developed Panel in Providence RI. Following that great event, the ACT Association invited Robert to join them in their monthly podcast, Tech Swamp


In this episode they talking all things Developed. If you don’t know what Developed is, it is the ACT Association‘s latest series of events that is aimed at developers across the United States. They review the content, the cities, and the fun times to be had. As a member company, they invited Robert Blackburn to join then and talk about Developed from a developer’s perspective, and some great take-aways from first stop of the tour. They covered everythign from the benefits of doing business in Rhode Island to the effects of the App Economy. And of course the episode also covers tech history and the top DC headlines.


You can listen Tech Swamp episode #21 on: