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Norma Burnell

Blackburn Labs Named Top Development Firm in Rhode Island by Clutch

At Blackburn Labs we have an impressive team of innovators, developers, and creators that know how to provide a realistic and effective solution to our clients. Our 3 core ideals are to innovate, architect, and build. Through our dedication to our values we have been named a top development firm in Rhode Island by Clutch! Additionally, we are listed on Clutch’s Providence app developers page as a top company. We are so proud of our accomplishment!

A Partnership: Back4App Has Our Back

We’ve all seen it. Someone gets a shiny new project, they’ve gotten past all the bureaucracy and barriers, and they’ve gotten the team excited about this new adventure and ready to attack it with full vim and vigor. Then, they have to spend the next few days, weeks, or even months doing nothing but setting up servers, installing tools, and building the elements of the app that are simple commodity-features like signing in, account creation, data persistence, and push notifications, before they can actually get to the parts of the app that are unique and exciting. How anticlimactic!

Rhode Island Helps Us Help You

Being based in Rhode Island positions Blackburn Labs to better serve you.

First, RI is very proactive in supporting their technology companies with their many great programs and organizations. For example, as a software company in Providence, we are able to be members of great RI organizations like the Tech Collective. They offer dozens of excellent programs, trainings, and workshops. It’s through them our team becomes certified scrum masters. As Allyson Cote, COO and co-founder of Maternova, recently told Rhode Island Inno, “Providence has the good fortune to be home to many incubators, accelerators, and possesses an entrepreneurial spirit like few cities can boast.”

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