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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Find out how we have helped healthcare & life sciences organizations succeed. Everything from pharmaceuticals, to medical devices, to hospitals, we’ve got you covered. [learn more]

Education & Gaming

See some of the ways we have created cutting edge children's’ education and gaming software. After all, when it comes to education, corners can’t be cut. [learn more]

Real Estate

We have some of real estate’s leading innovators. This is a business we know inside and out; therfore, we're ideally positioned to help you build your real estate software and apps. [learn more]

Data Literacy

BI, Analytics, ML/AI, Bioinformatic Research: Regardless of your needs, make our data works for you by turning it into Smart Data. [learn more]

Your App Done The Right Way

Architecting, designing, developing, and maintaining cutting edge mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Your Organization Optimized

Leading, mentoring, and managing software engineering teams and departments to achieve maximum efficiency.

Your Data Fully Leveraged

Creating enterprise level ETLs, data pumps, and REST/SOAP web services.

Your Processes Upgraded

Providing insight and support to best practices and solutions for your software and mobile applications.

... Rob’s leadership over the years helped me and the whole department to grow and perform, he left strong legacy on the department... [read more]

Mounir Chedli

Web Engineering Excellence Manager, Schneider Electric

... Rob worked diligently to meet all of our criteria, providing insight and suggestions, and making changes when we wanted to “guess and test” our theories on how we wanted it to look and work ... [read more]

Sara Bagwell

Marketing Director, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Robert is extremely talented and passionate about his work, and also very helpful, informative, and patient with instruction... [read more]

Kartiké Bhagat

Senior Software Engineer, EMC²