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Hudson Housing App

Hudson Housing is driven by a noble mission to offer secure, affordable, and premium housing alternatives to individuals and families facing economic hardships. In this vein, the organization is committed to establishing diversified, all-embracing, and hospitable communities that provide occupants with the requisite resources and support to prosper. With an unwavering focus on sustainability and innovation, Hudson Housing endeavors to lead the affordable housing industry and positively impact the lives of those it serves.

To this end, the organization has developed the Hudson Asset Management System (HAMS) Project, comprising an administrative web application and an accompanying mobile application. The HAMS Project empowers administrators to oversee the acquisition management and discharge of assets through customizable dashboards, metric reports, and asset management capabilities. Through this innovative and cutting-edge platform, Hudson Housing is poised to enhance its management processes, optimize its service delivery, and fortify its position as a leading player in the affordable housing landscape.

Notable Highlights

Managing 690+ Properties

70K units

Managing $700 Million per year

190+ Metrics tracked

Key Features

  • Financial Data Source Information and GL Codes Administration
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Budgets and Monthly Trial Balances
  • Audits, Rent Rolls, 8609s, and Taxes
  • Metrics: General Reporting Concepts and Dashboard Customization
  • Pregenerated Reports
  • Site Inspection Module and Mobile App
Hudson Housing Web & Mobile App
Web & Mobile App

Tech Stack

Project Type: Web & Mobile App

Primary Technologies: .Net MVC, Entity Framework, React front end, React Native app

At Hudson, we proudly built our reputation on simple ideas: provide capital for the development of attractive, affordable housing and deliver excellent service for both investor and developer clients.

“Hudson offers the experience and depth of management to navigate the most complex opportunities, but the simple things are what set us apart. A privately owned company, we focus on long-term relationships, carefully nurturing our partnerships, maintaining thorough underwriting and providing meticulous asset management.”

Since working with Blackburn Labs, the company sped up their way to their goals and operations. They consistently sent updates and ensured the client’s involvement in decision making and post-completion testing. Their professionalism and ability to take on a complex project were impressive.

Andrew Clauer, Senior Vice President, Asset Management at Hudson Housing


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