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CurieDx is a multi-disease platform for point-of-care tests that users can use to screen themselves for illnesses like strep throat or urinary tract infection using their smartphones to guide telehealth providers and patients, when point-of-care tests aren't available.


  • Instantly predict disease, with a photo
  • Use from the comfort of your home
  • Syncs with telehealth clinicians


Notable Highlights

AI-Based Disease Diagnosis

Remote Patient Application

Clinical Research Support

What Blackburn Labs Did

Blackburn Labs developed a novel healthcare web application for a healthcare technology firm. They've leveraged AWS and MongoDB to build the web app and a database for survey questions.

CurieDx was developed at Johns Hopkins University by a pediatric emergency medicine physician, software engineer, and computer scientist who were tired of scrambling to see a doctor every time they or their kids were sick. Together, they applied AI plus medical imaging to create CurieDx, a suite of medical tests on a smartphone.

Blackburn Labs has an admirable combination of big-picture strategic thinking and uncanny attention to detail. Working with Rob Blackburn and his team is an incredible experience. They are fully transparent with the process, attentive to detail, great partners.

Therese Canares, MD
CEO & Founder, CurieDx

Health Web Application


Project Type: Web App

Primary Technologies: MongoDb, Node, and React



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