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This platform is aimed at patients with chronic conditions, with the goal of providing a “higher-touch model” without as many office visits for the patient. It benefits the entire healthcare ecosystem. The BWH cardiovascular innovation team, comprised of physicians, data scientists, mathematicians, and researchers, was created to find new ways to help patients get and stay healthy.

The current process for patients having medication-related issues is to contact their primary care doctor and schedule an in-office visit. With the CardioCompass platform, patients can reach out directly to patient navigators via email or text with questions about their medications or about potential side effects, bypassing the in-office visit.

Benjamin Scirica, M.D.
Explains CardioCompass


VIDEO: Program Could Help Patients Manage High Blood Pressure From Home
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ARTICLE: CardioCompass Platform Fuses Data And AI With Patient Navigators

Writer Makenzie Holland covers CardioCompass and interviews Benjamin Scirica, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of the Cardiovascular Innovation, and Ana Mercurio-Pinto, Director of Cardiovascular Innovation at BWH.


CardioCompass was involved in several research papers:

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