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Axis & Allies Calculator

This is a tool which is used alongside the board game Axis & Allies, to calculate the probable outcome of a battle. Features:

  • Simulate thousands of battles and aggregate the results to see most probable outcome, or simulate a single battle
  • Supports both Land and Sea battle simulation
  • Multiple Rule Sets: Classic Edition, Revised Edition, 50th Anniversary Edition, 1942 Edition, and 1940 Edition
  • Supports Heavy Bombers, Jet Fighters, Super Submarines, and more
  • Results include individual unit survivability rates

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Axis and Allies Calculator showing Victory %, Unit Survivability, attackers, etc.

A&A Combat Calculator is a utility which can be used alongside the popular board game Axis & Allies*, to calculate the odds of winning a particular battle and what the probable cost of the battle will be. You can calculate either land or sea battles and will be able to see each individual unit’s survivability probability. This tool supports multiple rule sets, from the classic version to the most recent editions. It also supports improved units such as Heavy Bombers and Supersubs.

The results are generated by simulating 10,000 battles in just a few seconds and reporting the average results; thereby creating the most realistic statistical outcomes. You can also customize the order of unit destruction, to simulate the effects of destroying one unit before another. Alternatively, you can also simply execute a single simulated battle, as a quick test to see what the results are.

Please note, this app is not the game itself. It is only a tool which can be used while playing the game.

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* Axis & Allies is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Wizards of the Coast nor Hasbro are affiliated in any way with this app.


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