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Category: Process

What is Smoke Testing in Software Engineering?

Imagine you’re in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe for the first time. You’ve mixed all the ingredients you think are right, set the oven, and now you’re waiting with bated breath for the outcome. Then, you see it—a wisp of smoke sneaking out from the oven. You think to yourself, “Smoke! My Dinner is burning!” This moment of truth in cooking is not unlike the first step in software testing known as “smoke testing.”

Virtual Project Management

Our owner and chief technology officer was invited to speak at Venture Cafe’s Tuesday morning gathering last week. He spoke about how to effectively virtualize project management processes. This is a topic Blackburn Labs knows a great deal about since many of our projects are either partially or entirely virtual with remote team members. His hope was to leverage his experience, and those of others, to help small businesses cope with this sudden shift to virtual business.

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