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Julie Blackburn and Spoonie Day App Featured in “Life in Spite of MS”

We are excited to announce that Julie Blackburn, the driving force behind the innovative Spoonie Day app, has been featured in a recent article on “Life in Spite of MS.” This recognition highlights the impactful work Julie and her team are doing to support individuals living with chronic illnesses, particularly Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

A Beacon of Support

The Spoonie Day app was developed with the aim of providing daily support and resources for those managing chronic conditions. Its user-friendly design and comprehensive features have made it an essential tool for many in the MS community. The app offers insights regarding trends in activities in relation to mood and energy spending, with a simple interface..

Empathy Meets Innovation

Julie Blackburn's journey is one of dedication and empathy. Her commitment to improving the lives of those with chronic illnesses is evident in every aspect of the Spoonie Day app. The feature in “Life in Spite of MS” sheds light on her passion and the innovative solutions she has brought to the table, as well as a candid interview about her personal journey of living with PPMS.

Making a Difference

The article on “Life in Spite of MS” delves into how Blackburn Labs has a passion for doing good things in their community – the Spoonie Day app is just one of the many applications that has been released and impacted over 10,000 users created by the boutique software development company. The Blackburns believe in making a tangible difference in the lives of their application users. Spoonie Day is a particular passion project for Julie – and by providing a platform that addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals with MS, Julie and her team are helping users navigate their daily lives with greater ease and confidence.

About “Life in Spite of MS”

“Life in Spite of MS” is an inspirational and informational website created by Cir, who lives with MS, and his wife Akrista, who is his wife and caregiver. The site offers a wealth of resources, personal stories, and practical advice for those living with MS and their caregivers. It aims to provide a supportive community where individuals can share their experiences, find encouragement, and learn how to manage the realities of MS

We encourage everyone to read the full article on “Life in Spite of MS” to learn more about Julie Blackburn's inspiring work and the positive impact of the Spoonie Day app. Read more here.