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When it comes to educating the next generation, corners can’t be cut. The team at RWBlackburn loves to work on software that educates and entertains our world’s children and college students. We understand the challenges such software faces; creating software that engages and enhances the education experience while maintaining regulations and compliance. The challenges that come with these projects are always welcome, as the results are worth the effort.

Brian Grossman | FableVision

I’ve worked with Rob as a Developer on a number of projects. His deliveries are always on time and top quality. Additionally, he is a gifted problem solver. He is able to digest and conquer even the most complicated technical challenges. For one project, he was able to write optimized SQL queries that processed vast amounts of complicated data to generate useful reports. It was a task that would have overpowered most developers. I will continue to reach out to Rob to help with my projects in the future.

Brian Grossman
Technical Director, FableVision


Web App Augmentation

Blackburn Labs was an early contributor to the After The Storm educational game. The game itself was developed by ClassRoom Inc & FableVision, with Rob Blackburn assisting with some ancillary features such as the educator reports and authentication management.

This was an exciting project, and it was an absolute pleasure working with the team at FableVision. Want to learn more about what we do? View various custom software projects by Blackburn Labs.

Onward We Learn Education App
Education & Gaming Apps
Onward We Learn Education App

Onward We Learn is an educational app that assists in the organization's mission to “…prepare and inspire young people in Rhode Island to become the first in their families to attend and complete college.” From the moment students enroll until their early college years, the organization offers programs that enhance academics, promote personal growth, and aid in career exploration.

The OWL project consists of an administrative web app plus an accompanying mobile app for students and their families. The web app allows administrators to monitor program applications easily, view student participation, and manage events.The mobile app supports students' journeys by sharing eligible events, streamlining enrollment, and tracking progress within the program.

Azure cloud


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