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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Sourced Data
This is your raw data. Wherever your data is, however it is organized, we will start here. We've seen it all – no need to be ashamed of your Excel spreadsheets you may be trying to use as a database.

Loaded Data
Your data will be loaded into a central location, from a potentially wide variety of sources. From here we get you to a place where edits can be seen and the changes are not lost.

Munged Data
Here is where we get our hands dirty cleaning data. This involves removing duplicate or irrelevant observations, fixing structural errors, filtering unwanted outliers, handling missing data, and validation and QA.

Visualized Data
With a clear, defined purpose, we will create data visualizations; which could be simple reporting or more complex dynamic dashboards. After choosing a tool for visualization, data will be prepared and visualized in a way that is understandable.

Storied Data
We find the story within the data, and taking into consideration the audience and our previous work and visualizations, provide context around the data. Stories are edited to be as concise as possible. This makes the journey clear, and actionable. 

Turn Data into Smart Data: Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Science


Business Intelligence (BI), Web Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Bioinformatic Research: Regardless of your need, make data work for you by turning your data into Smart Data.


When working with Blackburn Labs we will execute a highly refined PDCA workflow to process your various data sources into fully leveraged and measurable results.

This process is designed to fit into your organization’s existing PDCA process and our data scientists and software engineers are certified Scrum Masters. This ensures your data efforts will fit into any business processes you have in place.

Analytics Maturity Scale: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics


Go from hindsight to foresight. In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to ask “What Happened?”, a businesses needs to start asking, “How Can We Make It Happen?“

Using the latest Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques we can mature your data so that it’s not just describing what already happened, but can diagnose it, predict what may happen, and then prescribe actions to drive what will happen.


Run your project knowing that we build your software with the latest technologies and techniques to ensure scalability, stability, and reduced maintenance.


Blackburn Labs has a long track record of satisfied customers. We pride ourselves in making every customer walk away from their projects feeling happy.


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Julie Blackburn, Chief Data Science Officer at Blackburn Labs

Julie Blackburn

Chief Data Science Officer

Julie is an industry-leading data scientist who loves to generate solutions to puzzles and develop new strategies to get the data to tell its story. She is a strong leader who often does speaking engagements known for tenacity, professionalism, and a proactive attitude. She is fully fluent in technologies and tools relevant to Data Science, including but not limited to R, Python, SQL, Azure ML, Hadoop, Apache Spark, and many others. Julie has a talent for explaining complex statistical theory and hypothesis testing to a broad audience – as well as being skilled in team building, project planning and design, and data analysis from munging to interpretation.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

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