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Spoon Theory Explained

The Simple App for Managing Chronic Illness

All over the world, many in the chronic illness community identify with “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino, and call themselves “Spoonies”. The Spoon Theory has become a universal way of describing what it is like living with a chronic illness that can dictate one’s day with associated fatigue. Every activity of a Spoonie will cost some “spoons” (their energy units). However, Spoonies only have a limited, finite energy reserve to begin with, so they must manage their day wisely. Blackburn Labs has extended this popular theory into the first energy tracking app made just for Spoonies.

Spoonie Day gives users the ability to plan, track, and manage their spoons. It’s a tool meant to make life more manageable and to keep their trusted circle informed so they receive the best support.


You always want to reserve one spoon for the end of the day, because that’s your spoon to sit and be with your family.”

Julie Blackburn
Chief Data Science Officer, Blackburn Labs

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