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The OneTrackHealth mobile phone application is designed to help patients stay on one healthy track while on dialysis due to chronic kidney disease (CKD). The One Track Health app quickly shows patients and caregivers key blood test results in the context of the patients condition and allows them to share that information as needed. The app also provides tips on CKD management, keeping patients on one healthy track.


  • iOS Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Web Application
  • Add Blood Test Results and Monitor Your Condition Easily
  • Customize Blood Test Types
  • Stay on Track with the Simple, Visual Dashboard
  • View Short- and Long-Term Blood Test Results Graphed Over Time
  • View and Edit History
  • Share Blood Test Results with Care Partners
  • Customize Profiles
  • Get Informed with the Latest CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) News
  • Watch In-App Tutorial Video

The OneTrackHealth app is an innovation by Life4ward, a KidneyX: Patient Innovator Challenge Winner.

Responsive, cross-platform application focused on usability & simplicity

Given the nature of this app, it required a heavy focus on usability and simplicity, which can present its own unique challenges. This led Blackburn Labs to leverage the simplicity and elegance of Flutter combined with a Parse/NodeJS and MongoDB backend. This combination proved to be the perfect combination of UX and flexibility this app needed. 

Tech Stack

Project Type: iOS & Android App


Primary Technologies: Flutter, NodeJS, Parse Platform, MongoDB

Julie Blackburn, Chief Data Science Officer at Blackburn Labs



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