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iHelp: Easily Build an App and Deliver Content

Need a no-code app for your business, team project, or just for yourself? Need it today? Our innovative team at Blackburn Labs has developed your solution – iHelp. We’ve made building an app quick, easy, and free for everyone. Plus, it’s 100% branded as you. Take a look at our video to learn exactly how it can benefit you or your organization. Here are some of the best features about iHelp…

Users never have to learn a line of code or hire a developer! iHelp has a minimal, intuitive dashboard that anyone can use without complications or watching a dozen YouTube videos. This makes the process of building an app a cinch. Simply put, iHelp’s framework has taken out all of the guesswork.

While simple at a glance, it’s versatile and more than capable. iHelp app users can deliver almost any kind of content… videos, PDFs, images, direct downloads, contacts, and so much more. For example, students can use it as a hub for projects, course creators can deliver content with it, and businesses can use it as a central knowledge base or directory (or both). The options are endless!

Subscribers can offer their customers more than the ‘average’ app. The answer lies in iHelp’s customizable add-ons such as tagging and guided support with our standard plans. Your app will likely contain a lot of content, and your customer will want a simple experience sifting through it. Our ‘Tagging’ add-on allows you to categorize and tag everything! Clients will appreciate the ability to find what they need quickly.

Create automated support guides to serve customers 24/7. Here, users set up a series of questions and answers tailored to a topic that will serve their audience. As the name implies, your customers are guided by prompts based on their needs and the guide will automatically take them, step by step, to the answer they desire. Our ‘Guided Support’ add-on can be used for self-help topics such as online manuals, FAQs, directories, courses, etc. No doubt, this will level up your customer service and free up your time!

As an application development company with a big heart, Blackburn Labs has always been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. That’s why we’ve removed some major roadblocks that come with building an app… no coding, no developers, no high price tag, no long waits, and no frustration. iHelp is meant to help you achieve. Give yourself a big break, give your brand the visibility it needs, and give your customers a simple experience. Launch your app today with iHelp – it’s free!

iHelp's Features - Brandable, Customizable, and Fully Self-Manage Apps
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