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Google Analytics & Google Looker Setup

Google Analytics & Google Looker Setup

Google Analytics is one of the many tools that Google provides to help businesses understand traffic to their websites. It tracks and analyzes critical data about website traffic and visitor behavior. It also can be hard to interpret.

The Looker Studio (formally Google Data Studio) visualizes this data in a way that is human readable, actionable and in one place. It is highly customizable and functionable and creates beautiful reports that visualize trends and compare performance over time. What is more, the Looker Studio is not limited to pulling data from just Google Analytics, it allows for pulling data from multiple sources, so you can truly get the bigger picture.

To lean more contact our Certified Google Analytic Professionals and put Google Analytics and the Looker Studio (formally Google Data Studio) to work for your business.

Setup Includes:

  • Install Google Analytics GA4 Snippet onto your website and start gathering data.
  • Create a Google Looker Report featuring key metrics that are customized for your business that are easy to read and understand.
  • Google Looker Reports will perpetually deliver to your email on a regularly scheduled time interval allowing you to track trends over time.
  • Includes a Support Video explaining the setup of Google Looker Reports, & how to make edits to customize reports for your business needs so you can adjust reports for future exploration.

Contact Our Certified Google Analytics Professionals

Julie Blackburn, Chief Data Science Officer at Blackburn Labs

Julie Blackburn

Chief Data Science Officer (CDSO) & Certified Google Analytics Professional

Julie is an industry-leading data scientist who loves to generate solutions to puzzles and develop new strategies to get the data to tell its story. She is a certified Google Analytics Professional and holds a graduate certification in Data Science from Harvard. She is a strong leader who often does speaking engagements and is known for tenacity, professionalism, and a proactive attitude. She is fully fluent in technologies and tools relevant to Data Science, including but not limited to R, Python, SQL, Azure ML, Hadoop, Apache Spark, and many others. Julie has a talent for explaining complex statistical theory and hypothesis testing to a broad audience – as well as being skilled in team building, project planning and design, and data analysis from munging to interpretation.


“Rob and his team explained everything in a way that was simple to understand…”

Eileen Davis
Vice President at MASS211

“I was initially hesitant to engage with a software designer as I was concerned I did not have the skills to comprehend the scope of work my programs most needed. However, Rob and his Team quickly put my concerns to rest. They explained everything in a way that was simple to understand and always listened to our needs. They are very approchable and always return calls and emails promptly. Rob and the team at Blackburn Labs made our operation more efficient and for that I am truly grateful.”

“We love the flexibility of Blackburn Labs' knowledge base.”

Joseph Dziobek
Former Executive Director, PRCRI

I’ve worked with Rob as a Developer on a number of projects. His deliveries are always on time and top quality. Additionally, he is a gifted problem solver. He is able to digest and conquer even the most complicated technical challenges. For one project, he was able to write optimized SQL queries that processed vast amounts of complicated data to generate useful reports. It was a task that would have overpowered most developers. I will continue to reach out to Rob to help with my projects in the future.

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