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CFUnit was an open source unit testing framework for ColdFusion (CFML), modeled after the popular JUnit framework. CFUnit was an owned and developer by RWBlackburn, and was made open source and was freely available. For more information, check out the many published articles and help docs written for CFUnit.


Testimonial From NASA

“Just wanted to let you know that I am the lead Architect and Developer on the Lunar Sample Database Application here at Johnson Space Center and we are using CFUnit for this project. In short, this application is used to keep track of all the lunar rocks as they are split, sent out to investigators, returned, etc. It is rather important since these lunar rocks are a natural treasure. The system that it is replacing is a 30 yr old VAX mainframe (yes it is still running). CFUnit, along with other frameworks like Mach-II and Coldspring, have been a big hit with the NASA customer because they are likely to keep the application around for a long time (look at the first one) and they want to make sure they can modify it down the road without difficulty. CFUnit is used to test all the services, gateways, DAOs, and model components of the application. We also use it to test the HTML views of the system which is one reason that I chose CFUnit over cfcUnit. Again, I wanted to let you know that it is being used on an important application and offer my thanks and that of the customer for creating an excellent tool.”

KM Technology Analyst/Solutions Architect
Engineering Science Contract Group
NASA Johnson Space Center