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Back in June I posted a quick fix on how to Placing Google Chart Filters in Table Header. Since then I have continued to use Google’s table chart in a few projects – and have grown to find it a bit lacking.

As I recently pointed out when responding to Saranya’s comment to the above post,

To be honest I have grown more and more unhappy with Google API’s table. Their charts work very well, but the table does not seem to be as robust. It is missing some key features which requires some rather ugly code like this. And its performance does not hold up well with large data sets. I’ve been shopping around for a good alternative – I’ll let y’all know if I find one.

As I say in the comment, I have been looking around for a good replacement; if I find it I will certainly share it. Has anyone else found Google Visualization’s table charts to be lacking, and does anyone have any suggested replacements?